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DogboyG Mod Application.

20 October 2014 - 08:28 PM

Hey look, a wild format appears!


Name (IGN): DogboyG


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:29375067


Position: Moderator


Reasons: I feel like I would be a good candidate for mod, as I see lots of times when there's no mods/admins on. Now, there isn't always RDM when mods/admins leave, but it definitely does happen. I am a regular on the server, and many of the people on the server know me, whether for good reasons or bad. The bad reasons, I suppose, I will list later in the application. I try to help the admins whenever I can, and sometimes I really do help to clear up the situation, especially if multiple people are screaming into the microphone. I use my mic, as pretty much everyone will know, almost constantly. I try and bring conversation or humor to the server, and will poke fun at myself all the time. I feel like as long as others are having a good time, I should be as well. Obviously I would listen to both sides of what happened, listen to others who saw it, check logs, etc. and administer slays when required. I am one of the few people who check the forums; though I may not post a lot, I'm almost always viewing them. I've been around since the beginning of CG, or near close to it, and have been a player ever since. 


Supporters: This list is a work in progress; I will update it as people post on this thread. Most of these will be regulars, as I cannot remember everyone's name instantly.



Baby Goat







In the air:





Fecal Distortion

Shig (if he even plays anymore)



Dmc Havoc







Probably not: Don't know anyone to put here, most of them are probably in the category above or below this.


Definitely not:

Prince of Niger


I didn't make assumptions on people liking me; 90% of the people's opinions here are, as the category suggests, unknown to me.


Reasons I would NOT be a good moderator: I am young. Obviously, as a fourteen year old, my voice is pretty high. I'm not as bad as *some* people on the server, but my voice is definitely not the most pleasant.


Accidents happen. I do occasionally RDM, normally from a bad instantaneous decision or just a plain accident.


I have my off days, as everyone else probably does. There are days when I am angrier than normal, as I feel most admins have. Normally I don't act too aggressively those days; I certainly don't do anything to ruin other's gameplay, like revenge RDM, etc.


I'm not sure if this applies, but I have school. I cannot get on during weekdays until around 4 PM EST, sometimes an hour or two sooner, but normally 4 PM is when I get on. I have to get off normally around 10. However, on weekends I play from as soon as 12 PM to as late as 1 AM. (EST again.)


Feel free to post your opinions here. I'm open to criticism and positive feedback.