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Robin's Getting Started Guide

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Posted 13 April 2017 - 12:25 PM

Robin's Guide To

Crowbar Gaming

Contents of This Guide
1) Movement Mechanics
2) Currencies
3) Customization

1) Movement Mechanics
i) Wallrunning
Unique to CG sprint and jump next to a wall then jump again to initiate the wallrun. Your character will automatically round corners and switch walls but will fall off (potentially to your death) if it meets any form of hole or bump in the wall surface.
ii) Parkour
You'll notice there's an additional weapon given when you spawn called "Parkour". Switching to this weapon and running at walls and jumping once will allow you to climb and scale buildings and obstacles not usually scale-able.
iii) Mantle
Similar to the Call of Duty franchise when approaching an obstacle such as a wall you will receive a prompt: "Press SPACE to climb over". Allowing you to scale the object. Please be aware that if there is no ground on the other side (such as the barriers on ttt_crummycradle_a4) then you will proceed to fall very quickly to your death.
iv) Double Jumping
Simple enough to explain, jump once and jump again in the air. Note: You can not double jump if you've just scaled a surface using the mantle or parkour systems.
2) Currencies
i) Coins
Coins are currency all players earn for playing the game mode. They can be earned by killing innocents/detectives as a traitor or by killing traitors as an innocent/detective. 10 Coins is roughly equivalent to $0.01 cash.
ii) Cash
Cash is given when you donate. It's given to you in exactly the same quantity you donated so if you donate $1.00 USD you receive $1.00 cash.
Note: You can check your current balance of both of these currencies by pressing F4.
3) Customization
i) Weapon Skins
The most obvious customization feature on CG is the weapon skins system. For every weapon there is a wide array of different patterned skins for you to equip and purchase. Every skin has a rarity classification which lies on this scale:
Uncommon > Rare > Elite > Legendary > Contraband
This rarity classification simply tells you how unlikely it is you'll receive it out of a crate - one of the two ways of purchasing skins. You can either purchase a relevant crate (Such as the .44 Magnum crate) or wait for the skin you desire to be posted on the black market at random. Weapon skins can be selected when assigning weapons to a loadout. Please note crates require keys to open and both are purchased in the black market.
ii) Weapon Charms
Similar to skinning weapons there is also a wide array of weapon indiscriminate charms which you can apply to your weapons. Little tokens or additives to the side of the weapon which add a sense of ownership to your weapon as you're murdering terrorists. Purchased in the Black Market.
iii) Perks
In order to make every player unique a perk system is implemented. When designing your loadout you may pick perks to assign. The following is a list of all currently implemented perks in the game:
Level One Perks
  • Bling - Grants you one additional credit when you are a detective or traitor. (500 Coins, $0.99 cash)
Level Two Perks
  • Parkour Pro - Grants you an additional jump in the parkour system - 3 jumps increased to 4. (1000 Coins, $0.99 cash)
  • Cold Blooded - Hitmarkers will not display for enemies when they hit you. (1000 Coins, $0.99 cash)
  • Vaulter - Increases jump height. (1000 Coins, $0.99 Cash)
  • Fast Hands - Deploy or holster your weapon faster. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
  • Dead Silence - Your footsteps make no noise. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
  • Blind Eye - Every second scan a traitor or detective radar will be unable to detect you. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
  • Fireproof - You are immune to fire damage. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
  • Feather Fall - You will fall more slowly and so take less damage from falling. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
  • Lightweight - You can move faster. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
Level Three Perks
  • Gung-Ho - You can shoot while you sprint. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
  • Marathon - You can sprint indefinitely. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
  • Adrenaline - After you take damage you will receive a short burst of increased movement speed. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
Level Four Perks
  • Scavenger - You can replenish your ammunition from any type of ammunition i.e. Shotgun ammo replenished from rifle ammo. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
  • Warlord - Your maximum HP is reduced to 75 but it will regenerate slowly when you take damage. (2000 Coins, $1.99 Cash)
How does assigning perks work?
You have a maximum of ten points to spend in the perk section. Every level is worth that number of points (level one - one point, level four - four points). Combine the perks in a way that it equals or is less than ten and you're dandy.
iv) Loadouts
Loadouts are where you get to combine customisability. Before you spawn every round you'll be asked to select a loadout. It's the perogative of the reader to decide how they want best to utilise the 6 loadouts they receive. Note, if you have an empty loadout you'll simply have to find weapons around the map.
v) Player Customization
Helmet, Head, Torso and Legs. These are the areas you can attach an unreasonable amount of weird and in some cases worrying objects. Entire outfits exist and come under the "Special" category - like other customizable options most items come from crates purchased in the Black Market section of the F4 menu.
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