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Troggbot's Staff Application

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Posted 12 February 2015 - 02:01 AM


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Posted 12 February 2015 - 08:10 PM

Not Interested at the moment. Nothing against you but, I've seen a million of these types of applications. So it really doesn't impress me in that regard. These people come and go when they get denied. I'll see how long you stick around. I don't really run CG like a professional company where people make proper applications and then a board decides there fate or whatever. Most the people I gave admin to right away are people that I enjoy playing with, people that make me laugh. Not the awkward mother fuckers that come in and try to be funny or nag the fuck out of me. As an example SmoothCola, I don't know if he will stick around forever but, I gave him admin because he is a chill guy, he makes me laugh and I know he isn't stupid so if someone was doing something wrong whether he has admin skills or not he would inform me of whats happening or assess the situation to the  best of his ability. Some of the kids who play here won't ever get admin because I know they are too immature. They may of memorized the rules and could recite them in their sleep but, they get super butt hurt about things or don't know how to take a joke. There are plenty of times like last night for example, where pain killer shot me by accident when he was trying to kill the traitor. If one of those kids who knew the rules was admin and got killed on there T round like that they would perma ban that guy forever. I'm not saying to not perma ban a guy for rdm or being a cock, noah called me out as my Traitor buddy as well as reviving the detective I killed last night and I banned him for a day because that's just being a cock but, some of these young kids don't have good judgement and that's why they will never get admin. In conclusion stick around, you might grow on me but for the time being I'm happy with who has staff at the moment.

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