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Tips when applying for staff

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Posted 04 November 2013 - 11:11 PM

Now I want to state this before the shit storm comes, I know AMP made one on the old website. I figured with all of the recent applications I've seen, I thought some people would appreciate some helpful tips, so they could know what to add to their application when applying.



What an application should look like

         Now to start off, I want to try and be as general as possible. What I mean by that, is that I want this to apply to everyone, so anybody attempting to apply for staff can use this as a guideline to help them make a successful application. Now I want to start off by telling you the very first thing you should do when applying, you need to copy and paste this application format onto your application or your application will be automatically denied. I've seen plenty of applications turned down just because they didn't use the proper format or had used it incorrectly. You also should wait some time before applying for staff. Don't play on the server for one day and then think you're ready to become staff. Whether you've got tons of experience or no experience, don't bother applying if you haven't played on the server enough. We expect 100% honesty on your applications. Other than that, this is what the format looks like: 


Name (IGN): 






Name (IGN): This is your current in-game name, (I.E. Mango) not your Steam name used to login. (I.E. Divineskyes)

SteamID: This can be easily obtained by going to http://steamidfinder.com/. Just copy and paste your profile link into the search

bar. (I.E.http://steamcommunit...angowithmango/))

Position: This is the position you are applying for, not your current position. (If you're applying for Moderator, then simply put, "Moderator")

Reasons: This is the most important part of filling out an application, read below on what are some good ideas to put into this category.

Supporters: This section is for those who support you in becoming a staff member. You should ask for their permission before filling them in.



          Feel free to copy and paste the first (blank) format if you're planning to apply for staff. Now a lot of people have followed this simple step by coping and pasting this onto their application, but not using it properly. I've written out an example format for an application, so you can get a general idea of how to use it. 


Name (IGN): ◄CG► Mango
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:40518671
Position: Super Admin
Reasons: I feel I am a great help to the community. I've played on the server for a long time, I have earned my ranks all the way up from User to Admin. I feel I am ready to take on the position as Super Admin for many reasons. I play on average 2 hours or more a day. I have honed my skills not only with ULX command, but with the community too. I'm well known, have made many friends and I'm very relaxed. I'm fair with my decisions, I always take my time to get both sides of the story before finalizing my decision and distributing punishment. I'm honest with everyone, whether I like you or not. I do not have favorites, I will deal out punishment the same to a friend as I would to a first time RDMING minge. I hope this application helps you understand me a little better, and I hope to gain the support of my fellow community. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Supporters: <CG> Bolo, <CG> Professor Jeff Stein, FallenSoldiers, ◄CG► WoweeBananas


          That is a simple example of what an application should look like. I didn't bother writing out very much or putting much time into it, but you've got a general idea of what it should look like.


What to put on an application

         Now a great way to start off an application, is by stating what kind of help you can bring to the server. You should talk about how much you play, how you often you can play, and how well you know the community. You should list what type of experience you have being a staff member for a server, whether it was TTT, DarkRP, PERP, etc. We like to know what type of experience you have when it comes to handling power. You should list some reasons why you personally, can benefit the server. Whether it's populating the server, playing on the server a lot, listening to the community or dealing with situations accordingly. You should also use proper grammar and type in a proper sentence structure. You don't have to, but it makes it easier for us and shows us you took the time to make sure everything in your application was executed well and correctly. You should also try to be original with your application. A lot of applications we've seen have very similar reasons without much effort put into explaining them. (I.E. I can help stop RDMERS) You should give us good reasons as to why you feel you deserve the staff position. Don't be afraid to write something down if you've seen it already seen it written down on another application. Applications don't have a minimum on how much information is on there. You should write down as much information as you think that's necessary and important. Just because your application is long, does not generally mean it's a good application. Don't ramble on or put useless information onto your application. (I.E. I enjoy playing sports, I love food)



         I think that about wraps it up, if you have any questions about filling out an application that I didn't cover in this, feel free to add me on here and private message me any questions or concerns you have. The information filled in above on the example application, is my actual information. If you would like to add me in-game to play or just to ask me questions through Steam, feel free to add me. Anyways, I hope this helps anyone planning to fill out an application and good luck with your application!

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